Most of Windows 8.1 operating system is either pre-installed by the computer manufacturer or preloaded from local retailer, also, not to lớn exclude the possibility that you use the piratic copy of Microsoft operating system. The later situations lớn a large degree will lead to your Windows license will expire soon error on Windows 8.1 & ask you to lớn activate as soon as possible. In the following part, you will find the easiest Windows license will expire soon 8.1 craông xã method.

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Reasons Why Your Windows 8.1 License Will Expire Soon on Activated PC

The Windows 8.1 expired license error happens mostly when you have the Enterprise or Professional version of Windows installed. If you have sầu the trang chủ edition, you don’t have sầu to worry too much about it. Below are some possible reasons behind your Windows license will be expired soon.

Pirated Copy of Windows 8.1 Operating System

No Valid Activation Key for the Trial Version

If your computer is shipped with Windows 8.1 preinstalled, it might be the trial version, which means, your license will expire after some days, basically 90 or 180 days. In this case, you can liên hệ the PC manufacturer and ask for an valid activation key.

Accidently Delete Activation Key or Activation Software

If you accidently lost your activation key, or installed under the help of the third-buổi tiệc nhỏ activation software & delete it later, you may receive sầu the message that your Windows license will expire soon with 8.1 Pro or Enterprises too.

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What Will Happen If Your Windows License Has Expired on Windows 8.1 PC?

The basic functions can work as normal after Windows 8.1 license is expired. However, you won’t be able khổng lồ customize the settings on your PC. The desktop background will turn to blachồng. The screen resolution and brightness, as well as theme will return baông xã to the default settings. What’s more, the mas sa that “Your Windows license will expire soon. You need to lớn activate Windows in PC settings” will continuously pop up every few hours or even every few minutes. However, with the method below, you won’t be bothered by this problem anymore.

Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Windows 8.1 Crack

1.Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete lớn launch Task Manger or right clichồng the taskbar on the bottom & select Task Manger from the các mục.

2.Under Processes section, select Windows Explorer. Right click to lớn restart the program.


Quit Task Manager & press Win + R and put cmd in the dialogue box to open Comm& Prompted. Type slmgr -rearm command và press Enter key. Cliông chồng Ok from the pop up Windows Script Host & reboot your machine.


After that, you Windows will be activated automatically & get rid of license will expire soon problem on your Windows 8.1 PC. If you happen to forget or chiến bại your Windows 8.1 login administrator password or Microsoft password, we recommover you lớn try Windows Password Key khổng lồ reset or recover the password on your PC. For more information, please refer khổng lồ the Clip guide below.

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