Fixing 'you need permission to perform this action' in windows


Windows will prsự kiện you from doing some things when you haven’t had enough permission. Then, you’ll receive sầu the You need permission to persize this action error message. How can you complete such operations? Please find answers here.

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To ensure system security, Windows will not allow you to lớn perform some actions unless you have enough permission. You’ll need to lớn run some programs as Administrator in order lớn get more control over them. However, there are still some actions that Windows locks down even if you’re an Administrator.

How to lớn run programs as Administrator?

Error Message: You Need Permission to Perform This Action

If you are trying khổng lồ bởi some things that Windows don’t allow you to lớn bởi vì, a prompt window will pop up informing you that You need permission to lớn perform this action.


Popular Actions và Error Messages

Possible actions that could lead khổng lồ the access denied error:

Install a program.Delete a folder/file.Change the name of a folder/file.Etc.

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How to fix You need permission to lớn perform this action when trying to lớn delete WindowsApps folder?


You will probably see the following error messages in the File Access Denied/Folder Access Denied window:

You’ll need lớn provide administrator permission khổng lồ copy this thư mục.You’ll need to provide administrator permission to lớn copy khổng lồ this thư mục.You’ll need khổng lồ provide administrator permission khổng lồ delete this folder.You require permission from administrators to lớn make changes lớn this thư mục.You don’t currently have permission lớn access this thư mục.Etc.


Well, the root reason is you bởi vì not have the right security permissions. To solve this problem, you must gain proper permissions before performing such tasks.

Method 1: Change the Owner

mở cửa Windows Explorer lớn locate the target folder/file.Right click on the folder/file và choose Properties.Shift to lớn the Security tab from the General tab.Cliông xã on the Advanced button after For special permissions or advanced settings.Look at the Owner section in the upper left.Clichồng the Change links khổng lồ open Select User or Group window.Clichồng on the Advanced button at the bottom left.Clichồng on the Find Now button in the pop-up window.Select the group with full tệp tin permission on your PC from the Search results menu.Cliông chồng on the OK button lớn confirm your selection.Go to the Permissions tab in the Advanced Security Settings for foldername window.Click on the Add button.Cliông xã Select a principal link.Repeat step 7 ~ step 10 to lớn select the desired user or group.Select Allow from the submenu of Type.Chechồng Full control under Basic permissions.Clichồng on the OK button lớn save the changes.


Windows Explorer Needs To Be Restarted: Problem Solved!

Method 2: Change Security Permissions with Commvà Prompt

Clichồng on the tìm kiếm inhỏ or search box on the taskbar.Type cmd và right clichồng on Commvà Prompt from the result.Choose Run as administrator.Type takeown /f

/r /d y & hit Enter lớn take the ownership of certain directory.Type icacls /grant administrators:F /T và hit Enter.Wait for the command lớn complelete.


That’s all I want khổng lồ nói qua with you when you encounter the error You need permission lớn persize this action.