Enable Or Disable Disk Write Protection In Windows

If you get an error message saying “The disk is write protected” while you are copying files from your PC to lớn the USB or external hard disk, then this article is for you. Just follow the methods given below to fix this problem.

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Fix 1 – Toggle Switch on Your USB / Memory Crad

Most USB / Flash Drive sầu / SD Cards / Memory Cards have a Physical Switch Present on the Device lớn Enable / Disable Write Protection. Just Toggle this Switch.


Fix 2 – Using Registry Editor

1. Search REGEDIT in Windows 10 Taskbar tìm kiếm.

2. Now, Right Cliông chồng on the Registry Editor Inhỏ and Choose Run as Administrator.

3. Now, Browse khổng lồ the following location in the registry editor.


4. Now, Locate WriteProtect in the right side .

If it exists , The delete it.

If it does not exists, then Go to the Location given below.


Now, Try to lớn locate WriteProtect  & delete it.

If You can not find WriteProtect  in both places then vì this:

1. Search REGEDIT in Windows 10 Taskbar search.

2. Now, Right Click on the Registry Editor Inhỏ and Choose Run as Administrator (Its Important).


3. Now, Browse to lớn the following location in the registry editor.


4. Now, Do a right cliông xã on Control & Choose New > Key


5. Now, name This Key StorageDevicePolicies.


6. Now, Select StorageDevicePolicies

7. Right click on any empty space on right side and create a New > Dword (32-Bit Value) 

8. Name this Key WriteProtect.

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9. Right cliông xã on it and Choose Modify.

10 Set value data khổng lồ 0.


Fix 3 – Using Diskpart in Commvà Prompt

1. Search cmd in windows 10 search box. Right cliông chồng and choose run as administrator.


2. Now, write diskpart and hit enter key to exeđáng yêu it.

diskpart3. Now, write the comm& given below to lớn các mục down all the disks associated with it.

List disk4. Now, identify your disk number from the danh mục of disks based on sizes và make sure about your IS / SD Card.

Now, type comm& given below lớn select that particular disk number.

select disk your-disk-numberOnce selected, write the following comm& & hit enter to lớn clear readonly attribute.

attributes disk clear readonly

Fix 4 – Cheông chồng whether or not you are trying lớn Overwrite a read Only file

May be you are trying khổng lồ overwrite a file which is phối to lớn read Only format. Just vì a right cliông xã on file và choose properties.

Now, Unkiểm tra Read Only Attribute , if Exists.


Fix 5 – Format USB Drive / SD Card

Your USB device may be corrupt by some Virus or Malware. Just Right clichồng on it và Choose format.

The only con of this method is that your Data contained in the USB Device will be lost during Format.

Fix 6 – Check whether USB / SD Card have sầu enough space available

Most of times , the Size of the tệp tin you are trying to lớn copy inkhổng lồ external Flash drive/ SD Card may be larger than the space available. To check the Space Available on USB , just right click on it và Choose Properties.



With these methods you can easily fix write protected error. If still you can not able to lớn fix this, your device may be damaged or it has come to lớn kết thúc of life, since many USB/SD Card manufacturers put a limit lớn the number of times it can be written.