Quichồng experimentation attempting to lớn use Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill feature on a video (actually images sequence).

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1. xuất hiện a đoạn phim in After Effects and export it to a sequence of images2. Using AE’s Tracker, trachồng a point through the sequence3. Select the trachồng point, and exexinh tươi the script posted below4. xuất hiện Photoshop CS5 or CS6, and run the script ‘psBatchContentAwareFill.jsx’ created in step 3


Thanks. That script would solve a problem i have. I just can’t figure out what to lớn bởi vì when I get in Photoshop. Do I have sầu lớn load the sequence and then apply the script, or just exexinh đẹp the script? (either way nothing happens when I try). What’s the sequence of action when I’m in Photoshop? Thanks again. Great job.

I haven’t tried this script yet, but I’m curious how khổng lồ define the area for the nội dung aware fill. Is this defined by the larger search area box or the smaller tracking box shape in AE’s tracker?

I’ve sầu made it to Step 4.

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It gives me the error message, “could not nội dung aware fill, requires selection”error occurs on line 79

My guess is this happens because my tracking point starts off screen.

(just modified my tracking point khổng lồ stay on screen & it works)

am running the photosiêu thị script now but shouldn’t i choose the fill area first or is it after the script is done.

The fill area is based on your After Effects trackers region of interest; I haven’t figured out how to lớn make custom selections other than modifying that and running the AE script again.

I get an error that says…

Error 21: undefined is not an object

Line: 132-> var comp = app.project.activeItem;

Any ideas as to lớn what is wrong???

I guess I couldn’t see the tệp tin name correctly on the PS File Browse point. Didn’t see batch in name. It’s doing something now.