Mẹo sửa lỗi "program has stopped working" trên windows

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If you have sầu been a computer user for a long time, surely Has stopped working errors Not too strange lớn you anymore, right? This error, it does not exclude any software / application or a program at all … any software / application can have sầu this error.

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So what is the Has stopped working error and why is it that? I didn’t vì chưng anything ?

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III. How lớn fix Has stopped working errors?#first. Editing in Registry (recommended)

I. What is Has stopped working error?

Do not know how to describe but when a software / application…. If something has stopped working, it will not be able khổng lồ start the program anymore. Instead, a bulletin board with a title lượt thích the image below or something similar:


+ Step 3: Reboot your computer & see the results.

# 3. Defragment your hard drive

As I said above, this Has stopped working error can also be due khổng lồ your hard drive sầu partition being fragmented, you can use a tool available on Windows khổng lồ defrag the hard drive (Clichồng link lớn see instructions if you don’t know how to vì it).

Note: Prioritize defragmentation for the partition that contains the Windows operating system first, usually the drive sầu C guys.

# 4. Use Disk Cleanup tool in combination with Ccleaner

Errors are sometimes caused by temporary files and junk files. Therefore, you should use this combination of tools khổng lồ clean your computer clean.

About how khổng lồ use, I already have very detailed articles, if you bởi not know how to use it, you can Reviews the instructions:

# 5. Using antivirus software to handle Has stopped working errors

Also, you can refer lớn the không tính phí anti-virut software that I shared with you before. While not as effective as the paid software, it still kills basic viruses.

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Perform: Scan for viruses => then delete the infected files, then restart the computer khổng lồ apply the changes.

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IV. Advice

I see that many of you now lượt thích lớn use multi-configuration versions of Ghost that are shared on the network. If it is a personal computer, I recommover that you install Win yourself for stability.

It takes a bit more time, but in return is much more performance. Since many shared ghosts nowadays they have sầu disabled quite a few Serivers và optimized the parts they deem “unnecessary”.

For those who know a little about computers, they can re-activate, the rest of them when they get an error, they will give sầu up, do not know which way to re-activate, thought the operating system is faulty but actually not it must be.

Finished, you take the effort lớn find another ghost version và the ghost will play again, so it takes longer than installing Win ?


Well, above sầu are the 5 ways that I find the most effective Has stopped working errors when opening any software, game or application on Windows operating system.

OK, in addition to lớn the 5 ways that I have shared above sầu, if you know any other effective sầu ways, don’t forget to giới thiệu them for everyone to lớn use.

Hope this article will be useful to lớn you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – beatcongnghe.org

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