Download Ghost Win Xp, Win 7, 8, 10 32 And 64Bit Link Google Drive

First, a USB with a capathành phố of 4GB or more, preferably 8GB or 16GB.Second, the software khổng lồ create boot Grub4dos.Third, Hiren BootCD software khổng lồ be able lớn create boot.Download the most complete version of ghost win xp sp3, full soft, full driver.

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Instructions on how khổng lồ ghost win xp sp3

Step 1: First need to lớn reformat the USB to be able to perkhung ghost windows xp sp3.

You choose the FAT32 format and then cliông xã Start lớn proceed with the USB format.

If a message appears that all data can be deleted when you click format, then clichồng OK to continue.

Step 2: The next step is to extract the Grub4dos, Hiren BootCD software on your computer. Then you go lớn the Grub4dos software & open the run file of that software with Administrator rights, this is the first step lớn create a boot for USB.

Step 3: On the Grub4dos software, open your USB drive in the Disk section và in the Part List select Whole Disk (MBR) then cliông xã Install to load the boot inlớn the USB.

Step 4: Copy the 2 files thực đơn.lst và grldr in the Grub4dos thư mục to the USB drive sầu location.

Step 5: Copy the entire thư mục in the extracted Hiren BootCD to the USB. Step 6: Next restart the computer và then go to the boot section right after the window starts.

Step 7: At the Boot disk interface, select Backup or Restore, this is the part used lớn ghost win xp sp3.

Then select Norton ghost normal software.

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Step 8: After entering the ghost interface, click OK lớn start using.

Select Local > Partition > From Image to start ghost xp sp3.

Step 9: Select the ghost tệp tin win xp sp3 just installed khổng lồ open it.

Cliông chồng OK khổng lồ select the region in the hard drive. Then select the drive where you want khổng lồ ghost win xp sp3.

Note that you have sầu to lớn carefully select the area you want khổng lồ ghost win xp sp3 if you choose the wrong one, the data will be deleted. Then select Yes.

Wait for ghost win xp sp3 software for you.

Select Remix computer khổng lồ restart the computer, the system will automatically install the driver after this step.


Here is how to tải về ghost windows xp sp3 Run the faskiểm tra & most stable and detailed instructions on how to ghost win xp sp3 for your computer. Wish you soon successfully install ghost xp sp3.