Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video clip editing software application. It is part of the Adobe Creative sầu Suite, a suite of graphic thiết kế, Clip editing và website development programs.

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Premiere Pro is used by broadcasters such as the Đài truyền hình BBC and The Tonight Show. It has been used in feature films, such as The Social Network, Captain Abu Raed, và Monsters, & other venues such as Madonna"s Confessions Tour.

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Premiere Pro is the redesigned successor to Adobe Premiere, & was launched in 2003. Premiere Pro refers to versions released in 2003 và later, whereas Premiere refers khổng lồ the earlier releases. Premiere was one of the first computer-based NLEs (non-linear editing system), with its first release on Mac in 1991. Up until version Premiere Pro 2.0 (CS2), the software packaging featured a galloping horse, in a nod lớn Eadweard Muybridge"s work, "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop".
Premiere Pro supports high resolution video clip editing at up to 10,240 × 8,192 resolution, at up to lớn 32-bits per channel color, in both RGB và YUV.Audio sample-màn chơi editing, VST audio plug-in support, và 5.1 surround sound mixing are available.Premiere Pro"s plug-in architecture enables it to lớn import & export formats beyond those supported by QuickTime or DirectShow, supporting a wide variety of đoạn Clip & audio tệp tin formats & codecs on both MacOS & Windows.When used with Cineform"s Neo line of plug-ins, it supports 3D editing with the ability to lớn view 3 chiều material using 2 chiều monitors, while making individual left and right eye adjustments.
System Requirement:Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Phenom® II processor; 64-bit tư vấn required64-bit operating system required: Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Paông chồng 1 or Windows® 72GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended)

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