How to fix age of empires 2 won't work on windows 10?

The game crash issue in the Age of Empires 2 has been reported multiple times over online forums lớn seek tư vấn and guidance. The problem arises when the game won’t launch in Windows 10 without showing any specific error.

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Age of Empires 2 trò chơi Interface

What Causes Age of Empires 2 Working Issue?

We have listed the causes of this problem after reviewing the user’s feedbachồng và technical authorities in detail. This problem may arise due khổng lồ any of the following reasons:
Outdated Graphics Driver: Most of the time when a game fails, the main culprit behind this issue is your graphics card driver. You may be using a faulty graphics driver or it is outdated, which causes the game khổng lồ crash.Old Game Version: Most programs/games created for earlier versions of Windows will work in Windows 10, however, some older programs might run poorly or not at all. It is because the old version of game content might not be compatible with the windows 10.Corrupt trò chơi Files: We are all familiar with these that corrupt or missing game files can also cause your game to fail.Old Windows Version: Windows 10 is used by billions of people worldwide, but just lượt thích with many other operating systems, sometimes there are problems with older software. Speaking of old software, sometimes older games such as Age of Empires 2 won’t work on Windows 10.
Note: Some users reported that the Age of Empires 2 uses Safedisc for protection, và since Safedisc isn’t supported with Windows 10 you might want to lớn find a digital version of the game.

Age of Empires 2 sometimes crashes due to lớn the phối range of virtual memory in your system. Therefore, the problem can be fixed by changing the custom kích thước of the virtual memory of the system. Follow the steps given below:
Clichồng Start, search Control Panel, & open it.
Opening Control PanelSelect System.
Opening System SettingsNow select Advanced System Settings.
Opening Advanced System SettingsSelect Settings option under Performance section in the Advanced tab.
Opening Performance SettingsChoose the Advanced tab in the new window and cliông xã Change under Virtual Memory section.

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Changing Virtual Memory SettingsNow phối the Custom size of 8000 & 20000 to Initial form size (MB) & Maximum kích thước (MB) respectively. Cliông chồng Set once done.
Setting the Custom VM SizeCliông chồng Ok to cthua kém all the open windows.Restart your computer. Your problem should now be resolved.

Solution 2: Install UserPatch – Conquerors Feature Update

A Patch is a phối of changes lớn a computer program devised to fix or improve sầu it. Users have reported online that their issue was easily resolved by updating their game with a custom patch.
xuất hiện the downloaded file & double-clichồng User Patch > SetupAoC.exe.
Running the Patch SetupNow select the features according to your preference and clichồng Ok.Try running the game now. This should fix your problem.

Solution 3: Install CD 2.0a Patch

CD 2.0a patch helped many users khổng lồ get their issues resolved. This patch unblocks the executable files of the game, initially blocked by Windows Defender. Follow the steps given below to lớn install this patch:
Run the thiết đặt tệp tin. A setup window will pop up.Select I agree to the terms of this license agreement.
Agreeing khổng lồ the LicenseBrowse lớn your game destination thư mục & click Next. (Give it sometime lớn install patch files)
Setup ProcedureSelect Finish once the thiết lập is completed.
Finishing SetupTry running the game now. This should finally fix your problem.Note: This solution will not work if you play on Voobly.