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The beatcongnghe.org Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 release (June 2016)delivers easy proxy media creation that allows you to lớn switch seamlessly between original high-resolution and proxy low-resolution clips. Get your work done faster with the Premiere Pro family of apps, connected lớn each other and lớn your creative sầu assets by Creative Cloud, providing a more streamlined way khổng lồ create. Premiere Pro also now offers powerful support forVR Videoworkflows. màu sắc và light have never been more important & with new enhancements to the Lumetri Color tools, creative possibilities are greatly expanded. Thanks to CreativeSync, all your creative assets — your truyền thông, looks, images, & Stoông chồng content — are available in Premiere Pro CC.

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New in Premiere Pro 2015.4 | August 2016

Premiere Pro now offers high-performance native tư vấn for QuickTime codecs. Supported formats include:

Native Import: AAC, PNG, Animation.Native Export: Animation.

New in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 | June 2016

Premiere Pro now supports proxy truyền thông creation, allowing you to easily switch between original/high-resolution và proxy/low-resolution clips. Heavy 8K, HD or HFR truyền thông media can overload even the most powerful computer systems. Using lower-resolution proxies can tốc độ up editing, while maintaining the ability khổng lồ switch baông xã to the original high resolution media for final output. With proxy creation, you can work with high-resolution truyền thông flexibly, across different devices (for example, on lightweight devices that are slower & have less storage). Switching between proxy/low-resolution and original/high-resolution files has never been easier or more fluid.

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New in Premiere Pro CC năm ngoái.3 | June 2016

Now you can start editingfootage immediately while it’s being imported in the background. Mount thecamera truyền thông and start editing right away. Once the copy is complete, Premiere Pro switches khổng lồ using thecopied media—allowing the camera media to lớn be freed up for use elsewhere.


New in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 | June 2016

A new VR workflow allows you lớn move around virtually inside spherical truyền thông media using new monitor controls or by click-dragging on the đoạn phim for a complete pReviews of the VR đoạn Clip playbachồng experience. Premiere Pro export properly flags the file so VR-capable video clip players such as YouTube automatically recognize it. You can also pReview stereoscopic VR media by switching inlớn anaglyph mode (requires anaglyph 3 chiều glasses).

New in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 | June 2016

New enhancements to the Lumetri Màu sắc tools help you be more creative with color. For example, using HSL Secondaries, you can easily select a specific range of colors to make adjustments khổng lồ. Premiere Pro also now offers color grading control surface tư vấn, which gives users finer control over the subtleties of the color grade than what can be achieved with a mouse và keyboard. Using the White Balance eyedropper feature, you can now set the trắng balance within the frame with a single cliông chồng. You can also phối the brightness of the scopes khổng lồ one of three levels to lớn make them more readable in various lighting conditions. Apply preset SpeedLooks with just one cliông chồng.