Downloading và installing After Effects CC 2015 is easy to vày, whether it is an upgrade or a clean install performed by a new Adobe CC subscriber. The Creative sầu Cloud Desktop Application makes it simple by displaying available applications in a dropdown thực đơn in which the user only has to select the application for installation. The only drawbachồng is that, by mặc định, downloading any CC năm ngoái application will uninstall previous versions of the same ứng dụng. The user can go inkhổng lồ their user settings and change this in order to lớn have sầu multiple versions of the same phầm mềm installed on their computer.

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Updates và New Features

One of the staples of any visual effects platkhung is the ability khổng lồ traông xã footage. Adobe After Effects CC 2015 introduces the new Face Tracker. The user selects the face to lớn be tracked by drawing a rough mask, whether it’s an oval or rectangle, around the subject’s face. The face tracker takes over from there and interpolates the shape và movement of the subject’s face throughout the shot. There are two basic face tracks an After Effects user can persize. One is the outline only Face Tracker which adjusts the user generated mask khổng lồ conkhung khổng lồ the edges of the subject’s face và tracks the general shape & movement of the face throughout the shot. The other type of traông xã is the detailed Face Tracker, which not only tracks the shape of the face but also several key points on the face; including pupils, eye corners, eyebrows, nostrils, corners of the mouth, cheeks and chin, as well as upper và lower lips.

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It’s a robust tracker that is accurate và tracks rather fast, provided the subject is more or less facing the camera. This is a great tool for visual effects, animators, or an editor refining a beauty pass of their onscreen talent. The data extrapolated from the After Effects Face Tracker can be shared with the new Adobe Character Animator desktop application khổng lồ bring rigged digital puppets khổng lồ life.
Adobe After Effects CC năm ngoái detailed face tracker

It should be noted that while Adobe Character Animator is its own desktop application, it feels much more lượt thích a companion application khổng lồ After Effects. Character Animator makes use of the user’s webcam và microphone lớn capture facial movement & vocal performance, applying it to lớn a rigged puppet. Puppets can be built in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator with appropriately named và sequenced layers. It’s an impressive piece of software that is a lot of fun to lớn explore và play with. The capture of the actor’s performance is pretty accurate và is able khổng lồ translate that performance to lớn the puppet fairly well. This happens in real time so the actor can see the puppet mimic their movements, mouth positions & expressions. While still in it’s infancy, it does provide a quality and interesting tool. It will be interesting to see how it develops.